Keep your child/ren engaged, while providing them an opportunity to gain 21st-century skills from the comfort of your home. The Saturday Bootcamps are offered online only. The physical classes at Strathmore University Madaraka campus shall resume over the March to July 2022 school holidays for the 8-4-4 and international curriculums.

The Saturday Bootcamp offers 4 programming language options.  Each language is structured in modules that you can pick from, depending on age, prior experience & interest. Each module runs for 11 concurrent sessions offered over a duration of 90 minutes per session.

A student may register for a foundation level or/and intermediate level module but we encourage registration for one module at a time to promote focused learning.

Please note the dates below for the January – March 2022 Saturday Coding Bootcamp :

  • Dates: Saturday 15th January to Saturday 26th March 2022
  • Venue: Online
  • Time: 9:00AM to 10:30AM or 11:00AM to 12:30PM
  • Charges – :  KES. 5,000 per student per module
  • Age groups: 6 years to 18 years


Learning Level Age Group Module Time
Foundation 6 to 9 Years Creative Computing with Scratch 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Intermediate 6 to 9 Years HTML & CSS Basics 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Foundation 10 Years and above Web Design 101 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Intermediate 10 Years and above App Development in Python 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Available Modules

Foundation Level: 6 – 9 yrs – Creative Computing with Scratch

The young students are taken though the essentials needed to develop  animations, interactive stories, art and music. Through this course young minds easily appreciate that Computer programs tell the computer precisely what to do in a step-by-step manner through clear and careful thinking.

Students learn fundamental object oriented programming concepts as they execute their projects that forms a firm foundation to other programming languages. The focus areas are:

  • Sequence: the importance of the order of precise steps
  • Iteration through the forever and repeat loops
  • Conditional statements through if and if-else statements
  • Event handling when a key is pressed and when a sprite is clicked
  • Threads for parallel execution when launching two stacks at the same time
  • Coordination and synchronization by broadcast and wait to coordinate actions of multiple sprites
  • Use Keyboard input to ask and wait for prompts for input
  • Use Boolean logic operators (and, or, not)
  • Designing a beautiful user interface that others enjoy to play your games

Intermediate Level: 6 – 9 yrs – HTML & CSS Basics

Most modern websites are built on HTML. While it might seem daunting for sound minds to learn how to create a website, HTML provides a soft landing as it is a simple language made up of elements that can be applied to pieces of text to give them different meaning.

  • Appreciate basic concepts on how computers communicate with each other over the internet
  • Creating the project folder in a computer where all the work will be saved, finding different text editors on a computer and saving a file that we will write our code in as a HTML document
  • Understand the structure a web page, how to create a tag and how tags work to give different meaning to text
  • perfect the basic HTML tags to create the head and body of the page, the title, the 6 heading sizes, paragraphs and
  • Text formatting to create bold, italics, highlighted and delete effects
  • Finding free images on the internet, saving images in the project folder and insert images in our web page
  • Inserting YouTube videos
  • Working with ordered and unordered lists
  • In-line styling of individual elements in a web page
  • Using an external style sheet and linking it to the HTML web page

Foundation Level: 10 & Above – Web Design 101

This course provides an introductory level to front end web development (what a person sees on a website) and is ideal for complete beginners. Students learn HTML and CSS, which are the languages most websites are built on and provide a soft landing into to text based programming. Students learn how to design effects, layout and imagery for a great user experience. The key focus areas are:

  • Appreciate HTML as the language most websites are built on
  • Understand the structure of a HTML syntax in structuring web content
  • Perfect the basic tags used to structure heading, paragraphs, format text,  insert images, embed videos, link pages, create a list, insert an iframe from another page and capture comments
  • Style content use in-line styling as well as a CSS file to change a background color or image, style font properties such as color and size,  borders,
  • Create and style HTML tables
  • Use layouts and the div tag to define the different parts of a web page such as displaying content in multiple columns

Intermediate Level: 10 Years & Above – Build Apps in Python

Learn the best practices and begin text based coding immediately on the following learning areas:

  • Explore Python data types and how to work with variables
  • Perform calculations with number variables, manipulating strings and getting input from a user
  • Using a list, dictionary and tuples
  • Working with Boolean values, comparison operators & operators
  • Using loops to repeats programming statements and blocks of code automatically
  • Reusing code using functions
  • Drawing with turtles
  • Putting it all together: using variables, loops, user defined functions, functions with parameters and conditional statements to draw with turtles

Payment Instructions

The fee is KES 5,000 per student per module.

Partial payments are accepted, with a minimum amount of KES 3,000 payable on or before the first day of training. Full payment must be cleared by the fourth week of the module.

Method 1:
i. Go to Lipa na M-PESA
ii. Select Pay Bill
iii. Under ‘Enter business no.’ – type 987210
iv. Under ‘Account no.’ – type the Student’s Name (e.g. Wambui Otieno).
v. Enter the amount (KES 5,000)
vi. Put your M-PESA PIN and confirm OK
vii. You will get M-PESA notification SMS confirming the money was sent to ‘…DIGIKIDS for account (student’s name)…’

Method 2:
You can do a deposit or bank transfer directly to our bank account:
Bank: NCBA Bank Kenya PLC
Account Name: Digikids Afflatus
Account number: 1003585178
Branch: NCBA House

Thank You!