digikids is kenya’s leading

STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) education institute providing tailored coding programs for kids aged 6 to 17 years of age. Our classes comprise weekend coding classes, holiday coding bootcamps, and STEM workshops.
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digikids’ learning programs are Modular. Each program is made up of a number of sequential modules so that each child can enter at the level best suited for them and then progress as far as they want to go into subsequent modules. Each of our programs contains lessons on Child Internet Safety and Security. We bring cyber security information down to a level that a child can understand and apply. We also hold quarterly classes for parents and guardians on how they can teach their children safe internet practices.


creative mindset

the digikids curriculum empowers students to develop programming skills, computational thinking, and a creative mindset to become creators and problem solvers with technology. We ask our students two basic questions: how would you like to contribute to the World, to Humanity, when you grow up? What problem(s) would you like to solve? These questions open up the children’s minds to a whole field of possibilities, and to a life that’s about meaning and contribution. Then, we give them the skills and mindset to accomplish their future plans.



The Novice (6-8 years)

this is the foundation stage. We create, in the young minds, an interest in technology as a creative tool. we use fun tools to introduce electronics, robotics and guide students to create simple programs following precise steps.

The Intermediate (9-11 years)

the students are equipped with a firm grasp of computer science concepts which gives them a deeper understanding of designing and writing code. students create and debugging programs with specific goals…

The Star (12-17 years)

by this stage, the students are proficient in simple programming languages. this stage encourages deeper computational thinking and creation of more complex programs. students use two or more programming languages to create their own apps and games.

The Alpha Code Community

This is a community outreach program that is be ran at community centres and schools in low income neighbourhoods that do not have access to computer learning resources.

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