The leading STEM training institution for kids in Kenya
creative mindset

the digikids curriculum empowers students to develop programming skills, computational thinking, and a creative mindset to become creators and problem solvers with technology. We ask our students two basic questions: how would you like to contribute to the World, to Humanity, when you grow up? What …

experiential learning

at digikids, we use an experiential approach in our teaching. Students are introduced to a particular practice, idea, or piece of information through an opening experience. Each student then shares what he or she did with the class and processes the experience through a series of questions that allow him or her…

modular programs

digikids’ learning programs are Modular. Each program is made up of a number of sequential modules so that each child can enter at the level best suited for them and then progress as far as they want to go into subsequent modules. Each of our programs contains lessons on Child Internet Safety and Security…

our programs

this is the foundation stage. We create, in the young minds, an interest in technology as a creative tool. we use fun tools to introduce electronics, robotics and guide students to create simple programs following precise steps.

the students are equipped with a firm grasp of computer science concepts which gives them a deeper understanding of designing and writing code. students create and debugging programs with specific goals…

by this stage, the students are proficient in simple programming languages. this stage encourages deeper computational thinking and creation of more complex programs. students use two or more programming languages to create their own apps and games.

our trainers
see the team behind the success of the STEM program at digikids.

diana mutheu

co-founder and chief executive officer
understand the language of technology and use it to create innovative solutions
kabuthia riunge
co-founder and chief technical office
learn the threats posed by use of various technologies especially the internet
stella magana
a technology enthusiast
early exposure ​of children ​to such invaluable information makes them part of the world-class innovation bandwagon.​
evans bet
designer and tech guru
teach children to encouraging the use of technology for the transformation and development of the world

our partners

we work with professional organizations, non-profit organizations, student groups and companies that share out vision of empowering through technology, we are thankful to our partners for their support to digikids’ programs and causes. if you are interested in partenring with us in the journey to spread digital literacy, child protection and empowerment, please feel free to contact us at: hello@digikids.com.ke
our student’s feedback

life is fun at digikids. we get challenges that exercise our brains and get us all sharp and computer literate,literally! you should join us too.

albert katana, buruburu

before coming to this workshop, programming seemed very difficult and complicated to me. after this workshop, it's easy to learn!..

naomi njeri

digikids is simply the best. I have enjoyed working with the trainers here and I already feel like a computer genius..

caxton oluoch, kahawa

digikids is fun. we enjoy every activity. No getting bored ever. i never knew learning computers was this fun.

alice dena