littleBits Smart Home Kit


Meet the kit that will upgrade your home for the 21st century. The Smart Home Kit can turn any household object into an internet-connected smart device.

Control your AC from anywhere. Automate your curtains to open at sunrise. Make a pet feeder you can trigger from your smartphone. The Smart Home Kit is the easiest way to snap the internet to anything.

Includes everything you need to get started (AC wall adapter included!) right out of the box. The Smart Home Kit contains 14 modules, ranging from a temperature sensor to the internet-connected cloudBit. It also has 11 accessories-including an AC switch that allows you to remotely control household appliances (like fans and lights) with a littleBits circuit.



Get ready to transform any object in your home into a smart device. This kit has everything you need to upgrade the stuff you own by connecting it to the internet. Control your AC from across the room, or turn the lights on and off while you’re on vacation!


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