Smart Home Kit
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littleBits Smart Home Kit


LittleBits are a library of modular electronics (open-source electronics) for prototyping and learning. They consist of small circuit boards with specific functions built to snap together with magnets without soldering, wiring, or programming. Each bit has its own specific function, such as light, sound, sensors, or buttons.

There are hundreds of combinations possible in the littleBits open source library. The possible combinations are only limited by our own creativity!!

Product Perks

Easy automation – Get a feel for the internet of things without wiring, soldering or programming.
Activate anywhere – Turn your inventions on from across the room or across the world.
Sync your devices – Use your phone, tablet, or Apple Watch to control inventions.
Automate everything – Try creating a smart coffee brewer or auto-pet feeder!
Add your gadgets – Connect inventions to existing smart devices like Nest and Phillips HUE.
Connect to social – Trigger inventions with web services like Facebook, Gmail & Twitter using IFTTT.
Endless inventing – Find thousands of additional invention instructions online & on the app.
It’s all reusable – Reuse your Bits in unlimited ways to create new, imaginative inventions.

Product Details

Users – Ages 14+

1 x bright led
1 x button
1 x cloudBit™
1 x IR Transmitter
1 x light sensor
1 x MP3 Player
1 x number
1 x servo
1 x sound trigger
1 x split
1 x synth speaker
1 x temperature sensor
1 x threshold
1 x usb power

1 x AC Switch
2 x mounting boards
1 x screwdriver
1 x Servo Accessories
6 x Shoes
1 x USB Power Adapter + Cable

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