At digikids our vision is to be the industry leader in Kenya in providing high quality programs that train all rounded digital citizens through developing computational thinking as a tool for problem solving, teaching coding to create innovative solutions, and sensitization on how to interact with technology safely and securely. Our programs are designed to engage children in a fun and creative manner that will captivate their young inquisitive minds through games and simplified problem solving. Our curriculum is structured to fit weekend sessions and school holidays sessions that suit both public and private schools calendars.

We offer convenience through partnership with leading academic institutions that provide easily accessible on site venues and an offsite option through the alpha code club. Our programs have been developed in line with the learning guides adopted by British schools in computer programming in September 2014 as the British syllabus is the closest match to the Kenyan education system. Most of the learning tools we use are adopted from the google computer science initiative and from scratch which is a visual coding tool developed by engineers at MIT and has been successfully been in use in Silicon Valley schools since 2012.