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digikids is a digital literacy academy located in Nairobi, Kenya. We provide onsite and offsite training in Computational Thinking, Coding and Child Online Protection (Cyber Security Awareness) targeted at children from seven years of age and up. Many private schools and a few public schools in Kenya have adopted computer lessons as part of their curriculum. While this is an important step towards equipping the millennial generation with digital skills, the approach has mostly been limited to teaching children how to operate technology as end users only.

At digikids, we are passionate about empowering children to become creators with technology. Understanding the language of technology and using it to create innovative solutions is the key to helping our wonderful country  to make huge strides in attaining middle income status by year 2030. We are playing our role in making education and innovation more accessible to our future generations.

Children are especially vulnerable to online threats as they are often trusting and eager to make friends. This makes them prime targets to the perils of the internet. Helping children protect themselves online is the responsibility of everyone, especially companies and organizations dealing in the technology space. We take child online protection very seriously.

We run community outreach programs at community centres in low income neighbourhoods where computer learning resources are not easily accessible. We also run a regular students program which offers continuous modular training based on the age of our students and their developmental objectives at each stage. Finally, we do holiday camps during school holidays.

At digikids, we know that children learn better when taught in kid speak. At a young age, hands-on play is a must. All our programs are uniquely designed for kids at every stage, putting the power of play into their hands.

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